Design, Strength & Versatility

Everglaze window and door frames and sashes are all reinforced with galvanised steel, giving the strength to create a variety of designs and sizes able to cope with significant wind loads. With a choice of Everglaze frame connectors, you have the power to build whatever you want. Everglaze gives you the design freedom to create bay windows, garden windows, conservatories and segmented windows. Glazing configurations of 32mm are attainable, allowing the use of high performance acoustic glass units for city applications.

Design Possibilities

The true strength of the Everglaze system is that it lends itself well to unique design concepts and possibilities. Almost any style and combination is possible. Talk to us about your ideas.

Advanced Construction

Frames and sashes in Everglaze windows and doors are of a one piece construction. Unlike timber or aluminium, our corners have no screws, nails or rivets. Our designs are fusion welded to give superior strength and weather sealing.