Maintenance & Care Instructions

Maintenance and Care

All surface finishes require regular cleaning to maintain the appearance and performance. The majority of windows and doors have moving panels or sashes incorporating latches or locks for security. These hardware items require regular maintenance to reduce wear, corrosion and to maintain optimum performance.

In areas near salt water, extra care is required. A periodic spraying with a water-displacing product, or protectant, is needed to prevent the deterioration of the protective coating on the hardware.


Everglaze Tilt and Turn windows can be cleaned from inside. To clean, simply wipe over the surface with a few drops of methylated spirits on a damp cloth, then polish the surface dry with a lint free cloth. Good quality glass cleaners are also recommended for use in accordance with the instructions supplied.

Ensure that all cleaning cloths are clean and free of any abrasive substances. If washing from outside, hose windows then clean with detergent and squeegee dry.

Note: Avoid causing extreme temperature changes as this could cause thermal fracture of the glass, ie. do not splash cold water on hot glass or hot water on cold glass. The use of scrapers on glass can cause scratching, particularly to toughened glass & coated glass.

PVC Frames

Wash the outside of the frames using detergent and water, then rinse when finished. Always keep drainage holes & slots clean and free of obstruction. For the inside frame wipe with a damp cloth, or use a small amount of non abrasive cleanser or detergent.

Tilt and turn hardware and door locks and keepers

Keep locks and catches clean and free from blind cords and any other interference which may detract from efficient operation. Regular maintenance involves cleaning and lightly lubricating locking mechanisms and keepers to ensure easy operation.

Sliding door and window units

All sliding units need tracks and guide channels cleaned periodically. Dirt build up will increase operating forces and cause unnecessary wear. All drainage slots must be kept clear to provide water drainage and ventilation around the insulated glass units.