Tilt and Turn Windows

Designed with performance and security in mind, the Everglaze Tilt and Turn window system outperforms all comers on every count.

Twin weather seals and multi point locks provide unsurpassed thermal, acoustic and security performance.

Multi chambered extrusions and galvanised steel reinforcement expand design possibilities, especially in exposed areas where wind load is a factor.

The Tilt and Turn sashes open inwards in two actions; the first being a casement action and the second a tilting action from the top of that opening sash. As well as offering maximum airflow when opened inwards in the casement action, glass can be cleaned from inside in comfort and with safety – a bonus for 2 storey homes or apartments in multi-storey complexes.

Insect screens are quickly clipped off and on from inside for easy cleaning also.

The tilting action provides a safe and secure opening whilst still achieving a significant airflow. The effect from the airflow being higher up, allows for better circulation of air within the room. Being inward opening, the air flows in from every which way, whereas outward opening casement and awning windows displace the air and create more of a shield for the breeze to work around and find its way in.

Technical Manual (WARNING: this is a large 84meg file)