Performance and Benefits

Energy rating information

Everglaze are proud participants and supporters of WERS (the Window Energy Rating Scheme). Our windows have been custom rated and achieve industry best standards. Our hinged windows with a basic double glazed unit have a UValue of 2.4 and SHGC of 0.43 (by adding energy advantage glass and argon gas we can reduce the UValue to 1.9). Click on the following link for a more comprehensive listing.

2009 WERS Certified Products Directory - NFRC

By way of comparison, a standard aluminium double glazed sliding window has a U Value of 5.0 and SHGC of 0.69.


Everglaze windows and door systems have multiple weather seals to protect each opening. Windows remain completely draught proof and water tight, even under the most severe weather conditions.

U.V Resistant

Everglaze windows and doors are manufactured from profile made by the multi-national European Company Deceuninck. Profiles are made from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, a high impact and weather resistant material. To address the UV resistance necessary for the harsh Australian climate, levels of Titanium Dioxide (in excess of the Australian Industry Standard requirements) have been added into the formulation at the mix stage.

Noise Insulation

Reduce Traffic noise to a whisper with Everglaze uPVC double glazed windows and doors. Noise reduction of over 40 dB is achievable.

Added Security

Most Everglaze doors and windows feature multi point locking, a safe barrier against unwanted intruders.

Australian Standard Approval

All systems have passed rigorous structural, air-infiltration and water penetration tests to current Australian standards and comply with the Building Code of Australia.

Coastal and Alpine Regions

The salt water air in coastal regions can be very destructive. Our specially formulated uPVC is resistant to all atmospheric conditions and make it ideal for use in harsh alpine climates.

Fire Resistant

Tests conducted by AWTA show the material used in the manufacture of Everglaze windows and doors was self extinguishing and did not support flame when the fire source was removed.